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Our goal is to inspire you to live a larger life! As the leading provider of specialized and tailored health and fitness services in the Pascack Valley community, we deliver premium health and fitness services for our varied community. Are you ready to start your journey?.

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  • Personalized Fitness
    Individually Designed Fitness… We Are OPEX Get Started With On Site Training With One Of Our Expert Coaches!   One coach. One client. One goal. Every person is unique and requires their own road to...

  • Remote Coaching
    You Don't Have To Be In North Jersey To Get The Full OPEX Pascack Valley Experience! Contact Us For More Information On How To Get Started Now! OPEX Pascack Valley can still be a part of your fitn...

  • Personal Training
    If you find yourself unmotivated or not knowing how to best utilize your time in the gym, then Personal Training in Hackensack is for you! We offer Personal Training packages for anyone who is wanting to lose weight, gain strength, and/or learn more about health and fitness!

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If you're looking to live a healthier lifestyle, look no further

Our professional coaches will teach you valuable lifestyle changes through self-empowerment, education, behavioral change and mindset shifts to push your own physical capacity.

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Our insights on health, fitness & lifestyle

  • 08 Nov

    Do I Need Cardio?
    Do I need to do cardio? This is a question clients ask a lot. But the answer is, as always, it depends. Moving your body in some way, every day is vital for your health. But the kind of activity an...
  • 05 May

    Easy Swaps
    It is a common nutrition myth that to make progress, you need to make big changes. However, switching up your diet drastically can be a recipe for failure in the long-term. Making small swaps to yo...
  • 18 Apr

    A Community of Individuals
    OPEX Gyms balance the needs of the individual with the enjoyment of training in a group. We’ve figured out how to honor personalization and community simultaneously. Here’s how... At OPEX Gyms,...

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