Customized Transformation
26 Jan

Customized Transformation

If you’re like me, you’ve seen about 10,000 different versions of fitness or health and wellness TRANSFORMATIONS. “Transform how you look, what you weigh, how you live;” the list goes on and on, but the key claim most fitness transformations make is that they are “faster than….” You’ve certainly seen the New Year’s health and wellness offers to transform your life in 60 days, 30 days, and you’ve likely even seen 7 days. Think about how ridiculous that claim is. Frankly it’s internet click bait to get you emotionally connected to results that they have no control of in the long-run.

Transformation, by definition is either through an entire life cycle or through a “nuclear process.” A NUCLEAR PROCESS! - Google's Definition

Notice how all of the definitions signal an overwhelming change or metamorphosis. We must realize that we can NOT fast track biology. Our bodies take time to change; We don’t think we can gain 100 pounds in 2 months, but we’ve been fed nonsense that we “should” be able to lose 100 pounds in that time frame. It makes no sense. It's all marketing to sell product. It’s time we know the truth!

What makes perfect sense is to align our transformations to OUR OWN goals and desires. We must go into the process with quality expectations of what our transformations will entail, the work we’ll need to do, and the time that it will take us to achieve a quality and sustainable result. Quality expectations always lead to better long-term results. Remember, you aren’t after a transformation that’s immediately followed by a reversion back to zero. You want results that last a lifetime.

As you sift through the myriad of different fitness options, enjoy the outrageousness of the claims, and then choose the Customized Transformation that aligns to your goals for a lifetime. When you align your goals in and out of the gym, you’ll get the results that you have craved, but you’ll also enjoy the entire fitness journey that you take to get there.


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