Enjoying Fitness and Fend off Stress
02 Feb

Enjoying Fitness and Fend off Stress

We are lucky to live in a time that provides us with options for how we “live.” But, making the decision on how you want to live appears to be getting more challenging with each passing year. According to an American Psychological Association study in 2015 - http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/stress/2015/snapshot.aspx - stress in the United States continues to increase modestly, but extreme stress levels appear to be rising aggressively. And, stress isn’t just for the aging population, millennials are more extremely stressed than they historically were.

We can try to deny it, but the statistics continue to show that with the increase in “making life easy” technology, increased social media connections, and non-stop work stress, we continue to lose quality of life because our stress levels continue to rise.  

According to the same report from the APA, the stagnancy of the culture continues to move less and sit more which is a major factor of the continued harm in our quality of life.

With all the potential stressors that life now brings, taking time to unplug, move your body, and enjoy “reality” is increasingly important to your health and wellness. There are so many benefits that come with moving and training. Not only does quality training give you progress that gives you a sense of momentum, confidence, and belief in the gym, it gives you the same positive upside outside of the gym whether it’s at home, at work, or with your friends and/or family.

Enjoying fitness means something unique to every individual person. For you, you may find that you love expressing your fitness every day in the gym. But, maybe you love to train in the gym so that you can go out and explore hiking trails, the ocean, or adventure races. Perhaps you love the consistency of training so that you can enjoy the energy of your kids and their athletic endeavors. Only you can know where your priorities are, but we’d encourage you to follow them because you will enjoy and progress in your fitness for a lifetime when you are aligned with your daily pursuits.

It begs the question…How do you enjoy all that fitness?  Don’t judge how you enjoy progressing in your fitness, embrace it, enjoy it, and follow that progress relentlessly!


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