Why Are We OPEX?
18 Feb

Why Are We OPEX?

Why Are We OPEX?

It’s imperative to us that we share the same fitness belief system with anybody we align our gym with.  We needed to feel aligned in the way we offered fitness to our clients. We knew we could impact our communities more strongly, and to do that we needed to enhance the customer experience for every client that walked through our gym.

For that reason, we decided over a year ago to align with OPEX Fitness. The belief that we all share is written as OPEX’s purpose:

To inspire people to live larger lives through fitness.

We’ve had the opportunity to build long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients where those relationships were a main feature of the fitness service we offered. With OPEX, not only do we get to work one to one with our clients off the gym floor, we enjoy the support of an amazing community of people who love training on the gym floor.

We love offering OPEX to our clients because it’s a comprehensive fitness experience. We love the phrase:

Coach. Client. Community.

That phrase symbolizes the individual relationship of the coach & client as well as the collective gym. No other gym experience offers customized fitness in a team environment. It aligns with our desire to offer a Professional Fitness Coaching experience to every member we get to work with.

There is nothing we’d rather do than see our clients succeed. With the OPEX flag flying, we know that we offer 100% of our clients a service that helps them progress their health and fitness in the gym, but it will also help them live larger lives outside of the gym.

Life is meant to be experienced to the fullest. Our client’s life experiences help them recognize their desire to take the next steps in their health and fitness in and out of the gym. With OPEX, we know we deliver the results that THEY want without sacrificing the quality of training or the fun of the community.


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